Elementary School

Technology Use

Technology plays an integral part in our everyday lives and this is reflected in the use of technology within the Elementary School. Technology skills and attitudes are taught within the context of curriculum areas rather than in isolation.  We have two integration specialists to help support teachers with this endeavor.

The skills covered are designed to be age appropriate and focus on the important areas as identified by the National Educational Technology Standards (US) of: creativity, innovation, communication, research, information fluency, digital citizenship, critical thinking and understanding technology systems. These areas are covered by utilizing a spiral curricular approach as the student makes their way through the elementary school.

A variety of technologies are used ranging from iPads, iPod touches, laptops, computer lab and desktop computers. The choice of tools is determined by what is appropriate for the student and the task. In Grade 5, all students are required to have a personal laptop as one of their learning tools.

Parent-Owned Laptops

  • Students in 5th grade will be expected to bring a computer to school. This parent-owned computer will be an integral tool in the learning process. The operating system on the computer must be in English! In future years, this '1-to-1 Laptop Initiative' will expand to other grades.
  • Laptop computers are excellent tools for learning, but can also tempt students to make poor use of their time. We also want to ensure that students have adequate time in the day to socialize and be active physically for their own health. Certain rules apply to the use of these laptops in the Elementary School and these rules will be adjusted as necessary as we continue to expand their use. The following rules will be in place from the start of the year.
  • Students will not use parent-owned laptops at school without teacher supervision.
  • Parent-owned laptops will not be used at school outside of class time unless a teacher is directly supervising - this includes before school, recess, lunch and after school.
  • Laptops (with AC adapters) should be brought to school fully charged and ready to use at the start of each school day.
  • Game-playing, movie-watching, or any other non-curricular activity at school using parent-owned laptops is not allowed unless a teacher specifically gives permission and supervises.
  • Students are responsible to keep their parent-owned laptops in secure locations at all times. The school will not be responsible for theft of unattended laptops or other devices.
  • Required software, including anti-virus, must be installed on parent-owned laptops and kept up to date.

Parent supervision at home

We expect and encourage some level of parent supervision of technology use at home. The following tips may help parents ensure that technology is being used appropriately and is not a source of distraction or means for inappropriate behavior.

Parents should:

  • Insist that students use computers, mobile phones, and other communication devices in common areas of the home, not in a student’s private bedroom
  • Require that schoolwork is complete before students use technology for gaming, chatting, or other entertainment purposes
  • Limit the total amount of time spent using technology
  • Reserve the right to take away the student’s privilege of using technology
  • Be personally informed about and involved with the particular uses of technology that the student engages in - parents should know what kinds of music and movies are being downloaded, what sorts of games are being played, and who a student is conversing with online
  • Require their children to add them as 'friends' on social networking sites such as Facebook
  • Model appropriate use of technology and digital citizenship - this includes respecting intellectual property and copyright laws.

Useful Links
Edline: Online Learning & Communication
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Welcome to Seoul Foreign School, a K-12 IB World School, founded in 1912. We are widely regarded as the leading international school in Seoul. We are a non-profit school where 100% of your tuition directly impacts student learning. Of the international schools in Seoul, we offer an unrivaled 100-year+ legacy of educational excellence, international diversity and commitment to educating the leaders of the future.

About SFS

Welcome to Seoul Foreign School, a Pre K-12 IB World School, founded in 1912. We are widely regarded as the leading international school in Seoul. We offer an unrivalled 100-year+ legacy of educational excellence, international diversity and commitment to educating the leaders of the future. We are a non-profit school where 100% of your tuition directly impacts student learning. 


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The Elementary and Middle Schools follow a US-style curriculum. The British division follows the National Curriculum of England. In the High School Gr. 9-10 students may choose to take the IGCSE Program and for Gr. 11-12 we offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. Namsan Int'l Kindergarten is a PYP candidate school.


SFS athletes develop character, responsibility, dedication, commitment, teamwork, leadership, and experience applicable in all areas of life.  While our teams enjoy winning results in competitive conferences, we measure success well beyond the win-loss column.

Fine Arts

Seoul Foreign School enjoys a long history of rich curricular and co-curricular performing and visual arts programs.  Over 90% of our students are involved in the arts each year and are showcased in our visual arts displays and over 40 annual public performances put on by our music and drama departments.  

Student Life

At SFS we care about the development of each individual student academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. There are many choices for participation at SFS. We encourage students to not try to do them all, but to choose wisely. 


With a history of over one hundred years, SFS has provided education for extraordinary Alumni. Today, more Alumni are becoming a part of our parent community. Having ‘Legacy’ students at SFS is a compelling testament to our tradition of excellence.


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